One Vision – A New Moon in Aquarius

After this heavy and dense January we can open the window to let in the fresh breeze of a visionary Aquarian New Moon today. It takes place at 10° Aquarius at 21:39 UT.The days are longer now – as I got up this morning the sky was not black anymore. The light is coming back. We are still in the middle of winter, it is cold, but the light tells us there will be spring again.

There is hope, there is light.

The energy of Retrograde Jupiter 12° Cancer opposite Pluto 12° and retrograde Venus 13° Capricorn is very intense. Venus will go direct tomorrow, she has almost finished her retrograde journey into the Capricornian realms of money, she has found out more about her resources and values. She is very close to Pluto while she is turning around. Tomorrow is the exact opposition of Jupiter and Pluto, too. These mighty gods fight each other for truth and total power. Venus brings some of her pride into the mix. There is some erotic energy in this constellation, a kind of energy that “takes it all”. Venus turns the intense opposition into a new direction. A she goes forward, the trail of Jupiter and Pluto lingers behind her and follow her like a shadow when she starts to finish her Capricorn business.
Huge power, huge forces: we can take them and use them to turn directions in our lives.

The New Moon in Aquarius is a moment where we can look into our inner self to find the image, the vision, for new directions. There is enough energetically support right now to move away these giants rocks that hinder us on our path.

There is enough light to see the path again, even in this dark New Moon phase.

We can get ready for the light.

My world is expanding. The New Moon is conjunct my natal Jupiter and trine my natal Pluto, so the Jupiter Pluto theme repeats in my life, but in a more harmonious way. I am working a lot and making plans for the year, creating structures stable enough to give support and flexible enough to adapt to changes.

There are so many factors I have no influence in.

I have to “go with the flow”.

But I believe in visions and images, that I can create my world to a certain part.

So I prepare to be ready.

And hold the vision alive.

A vision of solid foundations.

Of growth.

And change.











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