The other side – A retrograde Mercury

Everything looks different now. Everything is different, at least it seems so. A Mercury retrograde gives another view. It means reflection. Our mental processes re-wind. What happens when we look differently at our problems, our challenges, our routines?

Mercury went retrograde 06.02.2014 at 3° Pisces, very close to a conjunction with Neptune at 4° Pisces.

He entered his shadow zone 22.01.2014 at 18° Aquarius.

He will be direct again from 28.02.2014 at 18° Aquarius.

From the 20.03.2014 we will leave his shadow at 20.03.2014.

I am so tired. As Mercury went stationary last week, I had lots of strange dreams. I could sleep longer than usual. So far I had no communication fall-out. This retrograde is soft and dreamy for now, but I suppose the energy will change the 14.02.2014 when Mercury goes back into Aquarius.

Somehow I like it. I like to collect ideas how to continue with my art projects in this time – and what new ways I can go to earn money beyond my “normal” job. Last weekend I started with the first weekend of six till end of the year: Training for systemic, solution oriented therapy. It was fun – learning techniques how to perceive problems as resources. So easy and light the weekend went by, it changed something in me, and I was – again – deadly tired and had to sleep much more than usual afterwards. I take it as a good sign that the systemic process is starting already – there needs to be change inside to be able to initiate change in the outer world. This training weekend fits perfectly into the Mercury retrograde: change of communication structures. I open up a bit in other context, too. There are a few communication channels I have not used for some time, and there is contact with a few people I have not had contact with for an even longer time. So I enjoy it.

It seems this retrograde brings me to re-fresh my communication.

It brings me dreams.

It brings connection.

And sleep.

More questions.

Answers come later.


It is all about the process.

About asking.

And listening, too.








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