Collector’s Choice – Venus and Jupiter in 2nd house

In quirky Aquarius Venus and Jupiter behave a bit different. They ask: “Why not?” They are stubborn when they are told to act conservative. Together they are extra value-orientated, but their sense of value is more eccentric than conservative. They need space to shine and be the sometimes awkward, sometimes gracious unique being they are.

Both my natal Venus and Jupiter are not only in Aquarius, they are in my second house of values, too. In my younger years I focused on the traits you assign to Venus in Aquarius: freedom-loving, distant, not able to commit etc. – but now I experience more the fixed aspects of Aquarius, accentuated by house position. The second house belongs to Taurus, a fixed earth sign. The older I get, the more earth is under my feet. Jupiter trines my natal Pluto: he likes his wealth and stability. This quirky Aquarius constellation gets a strong Taurus flavour this way.

There is one thing in my life where I experience these qualities very strong: I collect clothes.

I was always lucky to find strange and special pieces for almost no money. In my teens I wore extreme weird sets of clothes. I did not fit into any fashion style, and quite often people simply stared at me. I gave a shit on conventions.

As I began to work for money I had to learn how to adapt, to dress properly, to iron my stuff, to take care of details I never cared about. And I found out it made my life easier. People who otherwise would have prejudiced by my outfit, looked at me a different way. And I discovered the fun to dress right for different situations. At work I have to submit to a reduced variety of options by color and style, but it releases me to put too much energy in everyday-work-clothes.

I still collect clothes, shoes  and accessories. The weird ones, the old ones, the unique ones.

I still keep some clothes of my teen years.

I archive them.

My archive contains, among others:

  • a vintage  sixties green dress with a “pac man” pattern for the upper part in three green shades
  • a long vintage seventies polyester dress in brown and red pattern
  • a vintage seventies designer dress in black with large violet and neon orange flowers
  • several white and coloured aprons
  • dozens of scarfs in fashionable patterns of at least two decades
  • golden boots
  • a vintage seventies brown felt hat with an enormous brim
  • several beige satin vintage sixties blouses
  • several vintage sixties wool skirts – the “decent” ones
  • several pairs of jeans I wore in the nineties
  • a jeans jacket I wore in the nineties
  • several weird vintage bags

and so on … I suppose I have a few really glorious pieces not on my mind – it is time to have a look again!

I love to transform myself into another one, to focus on another aspect. Even if I do not wear it – I could, every time, every day.

All these things come easily to me. Last week a co-worker brought me a little vintage sixties golden handbag as a present: he remembered I love stuff like this.

Two days before I bought a huge turquoise shawl made of pure linen. Original price 30 €, first reduction 20 €, I got it for 6 €. Quite often I buy high quality clothes for around 20-30 % of the original price.

In the city I live in many people put stuff they do not want anymore before their houses, and you can take it, if you want. A few months ago I saw a simple brown cardboard box and walked by. Stopped. Hmm. “Ice vodka”??? Went back. Two originally sealed box with each forty 0,02 l test bottles of Vodka. And it was mine.


So even if I am not rich by owning a lot of money, I have a lot of  luxury in my life.

Quality means not a high price.

Value means not expensive items.

My luxury is to have what I need –

(and the little glamour vintage extra for my collection, of course…)

there will always be enough.

If not enough money,

then there are resources.

More than necessary.

All I need.






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