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Fast Forward – A New Moon in Aries

We have a New Moon in Aries 30.03.2014 18:45 UT – it is conjunct with Uranus. Spring is already here, and Uranus brings enough energy to make any necessary changes. A New Moon is a beginning, a letting go of old stuff, to start fresh and shiny. We can build up our energy towards the […]

Working hard – Mars transiting Libra MC

Mars hits my 24°47 Libra MC three times because of his long retrograde period in Libra. Not only that he touches my IC / MC axis, he triggers my 26°16 Mars Aries / 26°26 Libra Uranus opposition, too. As he touched this area the first time beginning og February, I was working my ass off. […]

Spring is here – Equinox

Yesterday was spring Equinox – day and night are in balance. Sun enters Aries, the fire is back. I had a beautiful day in the woods. The sun was shining, the birds were singing like mad, and it was more than 20 °C warm. We were climbing, and I managed a few moves I could […]



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Serious stuff – Saturn transit opposition natal Moon

Saturn in Scorpio is transiting my natal Taurus Moon in the fifth house. He first hit the exact opposition 20.01.2014, will move retrograde for the next hit 14.04.2014 and touch it again for the last time 14.10.2014. He moves through my eleventh house from 05.12.2013 till end of October 2015. The limiting influence of Saturn […]

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