Serious stuff – Saturn transit opposition natal Moon

Saturn in Scorpio is transiting my natal Taurus Moon in the fifth house. He first hit the exact opposition 20.01.2014, will move retrograde for the next hit 14.04.2014 and touch it again for the last time 14.10.2014. He moves through my eleventh house from 05.12.2013 till end of October 2015.

The limiting influence of Saturn changes my expectations of groups and society.

I evaluate the circles and communities I am part of. I think every day how to adapt my private online connections like Facebook, Email into something “safer”. What do I really need? What do I really want? Is it enough to be more careful? Should I be more open? Or should I take myself back totally?

It is not possible for me to turn my online connections down, for lots of private and professional reasons (I would have to close down Emerging Pattern then, too). But I have a look how true my connections really are. I had contact with a very few people from several circles for personal reasons, not for “group purpose” reasons. And I liked the results. Perhaps I can feel better how serious (Saturn!) connections show to myself.

I get better at expressing my true emotions – and to feel them.

Lately I am much more into “no more bullshit”.

I want foundations.

I want valid decisions.

I want ground under my feet.

I want real growth (Moon in Taurus in fifth house!).

I do not like to touch work several times, one step this day, one step the next day, and then wait a bit.

I like to prepare my work.

I like to do it completely.

I like respectable results.

As I was researching the dates for this Saturn transit, I got a surprise: that – and how long –  the transiting Saturn is chasing my progressive Moon: Since 2011 I had every year an exact hit in March, mostly around the 13.03. I will have another hit every March till 2017. So I guess my springtime experiences the next years will not contain lots of light and flowers for several years…

When I try to remember, I had in March 2011 and 2012 both “no more bullshit” times and were adamant about my boundaries in my relationship I had then. 2013 was different – there I went through a tough exam, followed by an extremely aching Parotitis. This year (just one week ago) the root of one of my wisdom teeth inflamed, so I can look forward (caution: irony!) to surgery soon. The pattern looks a bit similar to the one last year. I feel exhausted and tired of the medication, and I am scared because of the surgery.

We will see what next spring will bring – at least I have finished the Saturn transit to my natal Moon then, and hopefully  Saturn conjunct progressive Moon will be a bit easier because of that.

But I guess there is always another lesson to learn…









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