Spring is here – Equinox

Yesterday was spring Equinox – day and night are in balance. Sun enters Aries, the fire is back.

I had a beautiful day in the woods. The sun was shining, the birds were singing like mad, and it was more than 20 °C warm. We were climbing, and I managed a few moves I could not do when we were there the last time. It is a rock formation like an amphitheatre, a natural half round, an amazing view from there. The grass is almost neon-green, so intensive is its color.

I had a moment of equilibrium.

I am on the threshold into a new experience. I will leave the winter behind. I am scared, but my inner voice is very positive and adamant I have to make a step forward.

Today I had a talk regarding the change in my life, and the “how” and “when” is getting clearer.

Everything is easier in spring.

I made a new feeder, the birds need energy for nesting and breeding.

To create something new you need energy.

All our energy comes from the sun.

We would not exist without sun.

The core.

The inner fire.

Our source of energy.

The Sun.





































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