Working hard – Mars transiting Libra MC

Mars hits my 24°47 Libra MC three times because of his long retrograde period in Libra. Not only that he touches my IC / MC axis, he triggers my 26°16 Mars Aries / 26°26 Libra Uranus opposition, too.

As he touched this area the first time beginning og February, I was working my ass off. I had successful days at work. Then I wrote an inspired concept for an art piece to apply with for a really exiting exhibition I would love to attend. It was a busy and intense week: two jobs parallel, exercise, ritual, and the start of my training course in systemic therapy. It was intense, my machine was running high. I had lots of healthy food. And I slept a whole day after the transit (and my training course) was over.

Between 14.03. and 22.03., as Mars went retrograde over the Mars Uranus opposition first and MC / IC then, my week was extraordinarily busy, too. This time the action was both inside me and in my outer world, too.

It looks like I will move this summer, and these plans manifested in real space last week. As soon a  few written confirmations arrive this week,  I can sign off my lease. I am scared: I hate relocating. All this sorting and throwing away and being between and feeling literally “out-of-place”. But I will have much more space and possibilities for the same money at the new place.

As far we get the paper stuff done this week, it will be in three months, otherwise one month later. But I think it will be the three months option, everything goes so easy, the previous tenants leave anyway. It feels like the universe wants me to move, and my inner voice says that this is the best thing I can do ever and that I will be very happy with this decision.

So I will do it.

The next time Mars goes direct over 24-26° Libra will be from 15. to 18.07.2014.

I guess I will settle into my new space then.

More space.

More freedom.

A garden.

Coming home.







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