So much change – Cardinal Grand Cross

So many astrologers write about the coming Cardinal Grand Cross between the 20. and 23.04.2014.

I do not want to add a basic text about it because I found a blog entry from divine harmony that sums it perfectly up, I think:

The Cardinal Grand Cross (

In my life and the life of loved ones are huge changes coming. I will move in a few months and start a new chapter in my life. One and a half-year ago I fell in love. And now my love and a friend of him are buying a charming and a bit neglected art studio house. I will move in with him and enjoy a real home – a big studio space and a little apartment for myself, a beautiful backyard and friendly artist housemates.

We will renew the place and its atmosphere: there is a lot to do, and I look forward to it.

Everything falls into place: three former housemates (two of them are responsible for tension and conflicts building up for years) decided suddenly to move out even before the purchase is put into effect, and the fourth one will have to go, too. So the old structures are breaking down by themselves. Now we can create a kind and creative atmosphere and fair conditions for all of us. Now it is worth the energy and the money to invest into this beautiful and promising place.

Of course I am scared, it is a huge step, but it is the good kind of fear, the kind of fear preceding a positive change.

The purchase of the house will be complete around the time when the Cardinal Grand Gross will be perfecting itself.

I want to take the most out of it.

It is a chance.

A challenge – and growth.


More art in my life.

And – a home.




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