Roots and branches – A Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse on 15.04.2014 / UT 8:41 will be conjunct Spica and Arcturus at 25°16 Libra / Aries.  This eclipse will be intense: it opens an eclipse portal of transformation around the Cardinal Grand Cross 21-23.04. , followed by a Solar Eclipse 29.04.2014 at 8°42 Taurus conjunct Mercury.

I am so excited: the coming Lunar Eclipse will be conjunct my MC at 24°45 Libra. Moon and Ceres will light it up and activate (hopefully) the promise of success of Spica and Arcturus conjunct MC – and maybe smooth out possible risks of this constellation. Sun and Juno will light up my IC conjunct Mars and focus on commitment and base work. The Nodal Axis is moving towards my MC / IC axis, too.

This image fits into my plans of moving houses very soon. I will work with these Eclipse energies to support my plans of enjoying a true home (my roots!) and energize my art profession (my branches!) – refurbishing and sorting and moving my possessions, choosing paint and floor and arrange a new household – and creating fresh work, being innovative and connecting stronger into the exhibition business.

I can´t wait.

I do not need to wait.

I started packing already.

Making plans is fun!

Roots and branches.

A tree.

A fulfilled life.




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