Building up – Cardinal Grand Cross

The energy is building up – after the Lunar Eclipse from 15.04.2014 the tension is even stronger and intensifies every day. So much is happening, there is nobody I know who enjoys a quiet and relaxed time right now. The next week will be the most intense period where we can reach amazing breakthrough both positive and negative.

I feel it is the best thing to stick to positive images, to imagine how it could be, to imagine the best possible outcome, a goal where he have to stretch a bit to reach it.

All this energy supports growth and change.

We create our world by our own dreams and actions.

It is so easy to be confident and steady right now. No reason be too blunt – but no reason to back off, either. I guess this is the Uranus in Aries – retrograde Mars in Libra aspect of the Cardinal Grand Cross.

We can learn to stand up for ourselves with diplomatic methods.

We can have as much change (Pluto in Capricorn) and expansion (Jupiter in Cancer) as we dare.

I see the Cardinal Grand Cross as a chance to transform structures and energies in our life we do not have the power to change them as a little small individual being.

It feels like a gigantic cosmic power station we can join our energetic wires to – so far we have an idea how much energy we can absorb without melting our fuses. The human system needs training to cope with intensive spiritual energies. To take in too much energy brings the risk of eventual damage, so it makes sense to create a back-up system when absorbing too much. Some people discharge the overflow into the earth by walking, moving the body, touching the earth, by eating, by exercise, by having sex.

It is good to have a Plan B, maybe even a Plan C or D or E.

But: do not waste this chance to make a change.

Take the energy and jump.

Use it.










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