The Compass – In the middle of the Cardinal Grand Cross

The Cardinal Grand Cross is still active, but the exact configuration is slowly  dissolving – as I write this, retrograde Mars is at 13°18 Libra and has already left the exact opposition to 13°42 Uranus Aries and 13°33 Pluto in Capricorn. He left the exact square to 14°1 Jupiter in Cancer, too.

I had a lot of energy this week and felt wide awake. My mood was really good: I am so much looking forward to move in a few weeks, I am full of plans. As I woke up this morning, I remembered a dream: My partner said to me that cranes are amazing birds, they decide for the exact geographical coordinates before they take off, like 05° longitude / 58° latitude. (I just checked it: this place would be in the North Sea –  so far I remember the coordinates correctly, of course…)

What are the coordinates I will take off to?

The Cardinal Cross could be an energetic compass, an orientation structure where to go to, an inner map, showing the path – east, south, west, north.

I felt a bit irritated this morning without reason, then I found out my body simple wants some action, like climbing, exercise, moving my boxes… but sadly I work today and have to sit the whole day. I guess it is the Mars opposition Uranus in the Cardinal Grand Cross that sets off my natal Mars opposition Uranus in reverse signs. And there will be an amazing chance to put this energy into action: Tomorrow I will help my family to shovel a few cubic metres of top soil – and we will fetch the fantastic tree that waits for us in the tree nursery and plant it right away. I made the design for their garden – and I am so exited. I love planting large trees!

So I will collect all my restless energies.

Feel the ground under my feet.

And go where my inner compass needle points to.








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