More earth, more water – A Solar Eclipse in Taurus

The Solar Eclipse tomorrow 29.04. 2014 at 6:03 UT in 8° Taurus conjunct Mercury 12 °  closes the eclipse portal around the Cardinal Grand Cross. solar_eclipse_29042014The energies of earth and water smooth out the high intensity of the last week. Sun, Moon and Mercury trine Pluto in Capricorn – the Taurus energy is reaching deep deep down.

It feels good to ground yourself and feels your roots. Maybe it is possible to speak  out some truth? But where is the truth? The sextile from Neptune could bring illusion, so be careful. Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn form a wide orb Grand water trine – we find healing and grounding energies here, too.

In any case we can relax a bit, ground ourselves and feel the deep transformation – how we and the world is delevoping.

The trees are green, it is getting warm, flowers everywhere.

Let´s enjoy spring, it is only three nights till Beltane! Flowering is change, too – from the harshness of winter into the joys of summer.

Relax, dance, love, have fun!











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