Calm – A Full Moon in Taurus

This is a strange Full Moon today, 14.05.2014, at 21:15 CET. Sun at 23° Taurus is conjunct my 22° natal Taurus Moon. The Full Moon sits at 23° Scorpio conjunct Saturn RX 19° Scorpio.

It should feel like a constriction, this transiting Saturn in opposition to my natal Moon.

It is true that the current days are not exactly party time, but I feel calm. All this excitement of moving and packing is fading. I am getting some structure into my stuff. I am looking forward to settle, I hate this state of transition.

This Full Moon feels like home. The more stuff I am packing away, the more I see what is really important. The vision how I want may new place gets clearer. There is still much to do, but is does not bother me so much.

With harsh Saturn transits I experienced that they are fine – as long I work my ass off.

To get a result of hard work is a comfort in itself.




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