Orienting the compass – Nodes conjunct IC / MC axis

Parallel to my move into an art studio house the nodes transit my 24° IC Aries / MC Libra  axis. The North Node will be conjunct my MC the 28.06.2014, a few days before I leave my flat where I lived for five years.

Not only my IC  in Aries, which is conjunct Mars 26° Aries gets touched by the transiting South Node, is “coming home”, also my MC , conjunct Uranus 26° Libra, adjusts to future art projects and (just a few days later in the first week of July) a participation in an art exhibition I really hope brings me forward.

Mars, finally going direct through Libra, transits my MC 15.07.2014, when supposedly (hopefully!) the worst part is over.

It is a weird time.

A lot of work, so much cleaning and sorting, but the strawberries are getting ripe in our little backyard (after I closed them off with wire net, because the blackbirds love them too). There is a little gang of five or six young titmice, I feed them, and they are so cute.

I do not like moving places. Many images, emotions and memories from the time I moved into my last flat float to the surface. It was a very exhausting time, this move feels a bit lighter, and I am happy about that.

Maybe I will not write so much this month, so busy like I am now. But who knows – maybe I feel extra inspired…

To be on the safe side, I am posting today different things, and I will be happyily coming back.

After a major change.

Coming home.

The best thing I can do.





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