Complications – Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries

So, today we have the last Mars in Libra opposition to Uranus in Aries at 16°,  and I am really happy that the energy will fade soon.

My natal Chiron sits at 16°, too, and I had my share the last weeks. It does not help that I am the proud owner of a natal Mars Aries opposition to Uranus in Libra, conjunct my IC / MC axis, so I can look forward to some MC related Mars in Libra rush until end of July.

In the middle of moving places I strained my ankle so badly that I could hardly walk for a few days.  (The moment it happened, the Moon in Libra transited my natal Chiron in Aries by opposition, and, yes, it hurt badly.) It is better now, but a few days (on Sunday, when Chiron turned retrograde…) ago I even strained the other ankle, but just a bit. Bad enough – there is still enough work to do and a lot of stairs to walk up and down.

I read the article about Chiron at Moonkissd – “Chiron: Pain Without Suffering”, and her text strongly resonates within me.

My Chiron in Aries in the third house is competitive and self-centered. And he feels alone between all the people who crowd a third house:  neighbours,  colleagues, siblings. He does not feel understood or heard or acknowledged. I try to overcome this pain by learning communication techniques. But sometimes the best Chironic expression for me  is the simple word “No!”, loud enough to be heard.

Maybe I had too much stuff on my list, and my inner truth said a loud “No!” and slowed me down by injuring my feet.

Now I do only what is necessary, like going to work and moving my stuff from A to B.

I am very slow now.

I will get everything done in time, I know that.

I try to work hand in hand with this physical pain.

Grounding myself more often.

Step for step.

Very careful.

“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.”

The Mars Uranus opposition with this hint of a Pluto square does not care about pain.

It will get it done.

(And, in case of doubt: there is Ibuprofen.)

And then, later, in July, will be a time to run again.

No matter what.


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