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Crystal 06

Shine again – Jupiter in Leo transiting Vertex and the 8th house

Today is the day! Jupiter moves into Leo. He will shine again, expand, bring all his grandiosity and glow into the world. He is generous and creative here. He likes to shine and be his brilliant self. It will be a good time to create and feel you own potential. It is a time to […]


“Darkness reflects the sun. Blackness reflects nothing.” (Roni Horn – Another Water) Blackest is the new black: Scientists have developed a material so dark that you can’t see it… Read the article here.    

Drawing 17

Smoothing out – Venus transiting DC

Oh, you beautiful Venus! She is crossing my DC now, and my world is getting nice again after all this weeks of hard work. It feels good to give a smile more than necessary, to be kind and nice, to give a little extra to the world. A customer complaint I had to write today […]