Shine again – Jupiter in Leo transiting Vertex and the 8th house

Today is the day! Jupiter moves into Leo. He will shine again, expand, bring all his grandiosity and glow into the world. He is generous and creative here. He likes to shine and be his brilliant self.

It will be a good time to create and feel you own potential. It is a time to think and feel big, to allow yourself to dream.

As a double Sagittarius, he is the ruler of my chart and so his transits are extra important to me.

My 8th house begins at 2°18 Leo (Placidus) or at 14°45 Cancer (Koch), and my Vertex sits at 5°49 Leo.

(I am still not sure to use Placidus or Koch house systems. Some times the one fits better, sometimes the other. I perceive the space between both house systems more as a transition zone, for this Jupiter transit both systems could be valid somehow. Koch would mean that the process started earlier: this fits for the one transit 2002 for one or two incidents, but not for all – the same for 2014: one or two, but not all.)

When I look back to the time Jupiter crossed these sensitive points 12 years ago, I find some similarities. Jupiter transited 2002 into my 8th house the 12.08.2002, and touched my Vertex 29.08.2002.

Easter 2002 my family told me that I would inherit money from my grandfather that he did put away for educational purposes for me. I could buy an expensive middleformat Hasselblad camera that allowed me to work better for my art studies. I was working about nature, death and transition at this time, fascinated by cultural history of death. I could also pay for a major dentist treatment, and the rest of the money allowed me basically to take my Master degree abroad. I still have this “rest” amount of money in my bank account: I filled the sum up many times, and it feels good to still have it. It was the base for my financial and educational wellbeing. Later in 2002 I moved together with my former boyfriend. (Now, afterwards, we would both say it was not the most brilliant idea we could have, but we had nevertheless really good times – and we are still, again, friends.) So this was a classical Leo 8th house transit: inherited money, history of death, nature, cycles, professionalized art equipment, more creativity. (And, so far I remember, we had really fun in the erotic department, too.)

This year, 2014, Jupiter will enter my 8th house 27.07.2014 and cross my Vertex 12.08.2014. I still have this financial back-up, started with a new direction in my art (the new piece gets much more feedback than I got by my former photographic art!) – again in the cultural history of death department, and making professional connections into this field. Again there is a major dentist treatment to do (and this time it is my special insurance who will pay a lot of money), and I already moved in with my love a few weeks ago.

So, to repeat: Jupiter transiting my 8th house and my Vertex means money through inheritance or insurances, creativity connected to themes of death and transformation, a major commitment in partnership, and deep intimacy, too.

Amazing, how this Jupiter cycle works.

Cycles, a spiral.




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