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Igniting – The Saturn Mars conjunction in transit to composite

Mars and Saturn met at 17° Scorpio a few days ago, the 25.08.2015. It is a scary conjunction: both planetary energies have the potential to be harsh, even absolute. Force and will meet limit and boundary. In my natal chart there is Chiron at 16° Aries, which was influenced by the Saturn Uranus quincunx, I […]

Hooray! Two years Emerging Pattern!

Two years ago I started blogging. It was a test how it would feel to air out my mind, to share some images and to structure my personal thoughts about subjective experiences with astrology. Looking back, my life has changed profoundly. And it will change in the future. I would like to install this personal […]

Pink Hour

Crystal 07


Drawing 18

Wounds – Chiron transiting natal Sun

My natal Chiron 16° in Aries third house trines my natal Sun 16°  in Sagittarius twelfth house: I have had problems in social context for many years even after my childhood. A “normal” social life was never my thing, I preferred retreat – reading, drawing, I was most happy when I was left alone. I […]