Wounds – Chiron transiting natal Sun

My natal Chiron 16° in Aries third house trines my natal Sun 16°  in Sagittarius twelfth house: I have had problems in social context for many years even after my childhood. A “normal” social life was never my thing, I preferred retreat – reading, drawing, I was most happy when I was left alone. I learned over the years to be more social, but still I am more relaxed alone. Without periodic retreat I do not function well.

Transiting Chiron 16° Pisces in my third house is now squaring natal Sun 16°  Sagittarius twelfth house. I have been in so many awkward social situations and have to remember myself that I have learned to cope better, that there is no reason to worry. It feels like the distorted shadow of my natal trine between Sun and Chiron, which brings so much potential for healing the pain, mine and the one of others. I have to remember to keep my heart open, to let the love flow. This is a bit difficult these days. Fear shadows the love. But the best thing against fear is: to love, to bring active love into the world.

Transiting Uranus 16° is conjuncting natal Chiron in Aries third house – so the Chiron theme repeats itself. It feels like every second something bad / exciting / surprising / horrific could happen. It has not, so far, but there were no exactly happy or healing incidences, too. This transit will stay with me for some more time, so I will see how it will work out in the future.

Transiting Saturn 16° Scorpio is quincunxing my natal Chiron in Aries third house – again there is a Chiron theme, adding some Saturnian fear.

Saturn is moving direct since around 21.07. Changes in directions of a transiting planet influences the natal planet in sign and house. My natal Saturn has its place in Cancer in my seventh house, he rules my second house. I think this transit adds the extra portion fear – Chiron is pain and vulnerability, Saturn is fear and limit and sorrow.

Suddenly I have fears about social contacts, and my OCD traits are coming back which were in the background for a long time (the classic iron thing: I pulled the plug and remembered I did – nevertheless, at work I worried half the day that I could have forgotten to pull the plug. When I came home, it was unplugged, of course. I bought a countdown switch, then, and taped it to the plug of my iron, I am really sick of these thoughts. ).

In July Saturn turned direct in Scorpio, Uranus turned retrograde in Aries, and so quincunx stayed active most of the month. Planets being stationary while preparing to change direction are especially powerful – maybe it is no wonder that this constellations triggers my emotions so intensive.The mundane quincunx between Saturn and Uranus is dissolving slowly.

So this anxiety cloud could dissolve as well.

There is no real reason in my outer life to feel like this.

Maybe it is a shadow left by all these recent changes in my life like moving. Maybe it is a shadow left of my strained ankle (which has healed by now) and my wisdom tooth surgery (which is healing by now), which was both not exactly fun. Yesterday I was exercising hard and I will today, too, to get some other physical responses of my body than only pain and weakness.

A body is vulnerable, life is precious, health is precious.

Remembering I am vulnerable.

Being careful, treading lightly.

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