Igniting – The Saturn Mars conjunction in transit to composite

Mars and Saturn met at 17° Scorpio a few days ago, the 25.08.2015. It is a scary conjunction: both planetary energies have the potential to be harsh, even absolute. Force and will meet limit and boundary.

In my natal chart there is Chiron at 16° Aries, which was influenced by the Saturn Uranus quincunx, I felt anxious and vulnerable, and the effect is still there, but it is smoothing out slowly.

As I researched the Mars Saturn conjunction, I remembered the my partner and me have in our composite Sun, Venus and Neptune in 11th house between 15° and 18° Scorpio, sextiled by Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in 9th house between 16° and 18° Virgo. It is the most beautiful and strong composite I have had ever with another person.

We were working very hard the last months, and now we see some horizon. Just a few more weeks, and we complete our tasks – for now. We will have a well-deserved three-week vacation then. It feels so good to see all these results. As the Mars Saturn conjunction ignited our Sun Venus Neptune conjunction, we had a wonderful day together: very intense and close, so much love, and we worked focused for a break-through at our place. This day we remembered our first time together, it felt so fresh and so perfectly right. Later we had a bonfire and wine and laughed so much.

Never underestimate transits to the composite with your loved ones…

As Saturn hit our Sun Venus Neptune conjunction the first time in December 2013, I worried about it. It sounded so very disillusioning. But the opposite, the positive aspect, happened: we got more “real”. It was a stressful time, but more because of the then already forming Grand Cross. And this time, as Saturn crossed our identity as a couple again, we got results.

Beautiful results.

No love without structure.

It feels so good to be productive.


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