Ready to go – Mars in Sagittarius

Mars has left all-or-nothing Scorpio yesterday, and I can already feel the relief. He will boost up Sagittarius from 14.09. til 26.10. 2014.

It is time to go for an adventure, to travel, to leave the well-known path. Everything is exciting now. There is a surprise behind every corner, a wonder mirroring in a raindrop, a spark to ignite, a path to follow.

We will enjoy a Grand Fire Trine the 06.10.2014 between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

After months of hard work refurbishing my  new place, including painting walls, laying new floor, repairing windows, it is almost done. Yesterday I installed my kitchen, only the stove needs connection. It is a very good feeling to do so much by myself. Of course I am glad about help, but I enjoy to know how to help myself. But is was a tough time, almost no free time. My partner was away for work many days. When he was at home, he helped me as much as possible. So it took a lot of time, more than the period when Mars went through Scorpio.

Now I feel relief – my 12th house Neptune, my 12th house Sun, my AC, my North Node will enjoy a bit extra energy.

This week I will finish to move in my fresh and shiny place – and then will follow three weeks of well-deserved vacation. We have not yet decided where to go.


Fresh air!

New horizons!

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