Direction – Mars transiting AC

While I enjoyed a three-week vacation, Mars traveled through my 12th house and touched my Neptune and my Sun. Today he entered my first house, and the time of retreat, recovery and stillness is over.

My fire is back.

I slept while in vacation almost every night up to ten hours. We spend a whole week in nature, washing with mountain creek water, sleeping rough, having bonfire, and in the night the stars above us. No city noise, only the sounds of nature (and its cultivation – like the occasional brushcutter early in the morning). I had lots of strange dreams. For years I did no drawings, but I started again with sketches of amazing mountains and natural structures. We went searching for crystals and found something, at the bottom of a steep gulch. I made a photo series about abstract natural patterns and felt totally spaced out after it, taking 400 pictures in two hours, in a creative flow, like intoxicated by all this beauty around me, a Neptunian wave.

When Mars transited my Sun, closing into the Grand Fire Trine the 08.10., I felt that the energy field was changing. I got energy from a deep source and had the need for physical activity. But the energy was not in the open yet.

When we came back, I had a therapy training weekend, and it was incredibly empowering. Mars crossed my AC on the last day of it. We did a self coaching, and I decided for my art profession as a project. It felt so good to create a dream into life. I felt inspired, and I got a lot of feedback that my energy had changed compared to the former weeks and months. I am breathing inspiration, everything is light, and I am so relaxed.

My fire is back, my direction is back.

I gave myself a promise to have my studio ready for work latest the beginning of January next year.

And then will come a vision true.

A golden thread.

There is a good thing about the true golden thread in your life: when it is true, you can put it in the background for a time, and when you re-discover it, it is valid as ever.

Solid as gold.



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