Heavy – Saturn transit opposite Moon

Since spring Saturn created an opposition with my natal Moon in Taurus. He passed the last time two weeks ago, and there is a weight on my shoulders lifting slowly, day by day.

I wrote in March about my expectations for the transit: Serious stuff – Saturn transit opposition Moon, and now I think, the experience went a different way.

Main focus of this time was moving into a new place, which took much more work and time than expected. I felt while refurbishing the new flat like I am without a “true” home: my safety-loving Taurus Moon was literally unsettled. Now the exact transit passed, and even if I still have to sort through lots of stuff, the basic emotion changed into being at home at my new place and feeling much safer.

Additionally I felt frightened in situations I am normally fine with. This anxiety ate some of my energy, and there were no safe place for retreat. My adult self told the scared self lots of comforting stories, and got through somehow. My normally adventurous self was more in the background than usual.

Now my Taurus Moon can relax a bit and find his new habits.

Growing new roots.

Growing new branches.

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  1. Power to you during Saturn. ✌🌹♥


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