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Truth and Secret – The Secret Life of Passwords

I just stumbled across that fantastic article of Ian Urbina: The Secret Life of Passwords – “We despise them – yet we imbue them with our hopes and dreams, our dearest memories, our deepest meanings. They unlock much more than our accounts.” This fits perfect into the very last Saturn in Scorpio days… our secrets, […]

Dark zone – A stellium in Scorpio

Today are Sun, Saturn, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio. Venus escaped already into Sagittarius, lighting up this high density zone a bit. It is a time for digging deep, bringing the last remains of taboos and secrets to the surface before Saturn leaves the dark zone the 24.12.2014 for the higher realms of Sagittarius, setting […]


So sweet

Soft – A progressed Moon in Sagittarius

Around a month ago my progressed Moon changed signs –  into Sagittarius. When my progressed Moon changed into Scorpio in April 2012, I was splitting up with my lover for six years, and I had for six months the worst possible love sickness I ever had. I knew for a longer time that I would […]

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