Soft – A progressed Moon in Sagittarius

Around a month ago my progressed Moon changed signs –  into Sagittarius.

When my progressed Moon changed into Scorpio in April 2012, I was splitting up with my lover for six years, and I had for six months the worst possible love sickness I ever had. I knew for a longer time that I would have to split up sooner or later, but I was not able to face the pain of it. When the progressed Moon changed signs – suddenly I could. Then I fell in love, soon after Saturn changed into Scorpio, without expecting that healing could be so profound and so easy, that so much love could be possible. It was a deep time, a time of grief and pain and healing and letting go and committing and finding a place and coming home.

Now, with the progressed Moon in Sagittarius, I am dreamy and soft-hearted and enthusiastic.

By Placidus house system my 12th house begins at 4°53, by Koch house system at 0°41 Sagittarius.

My natal Neptune sits at 7°29, my natal Sun at 16°04, my AC at 20°15 Sagittarius.

So the progressed Moon lights up all my 12th house, at least by sign, I feel more like the one I truly am than for  long time. I like retreat and dreams and reading and creating and feeling “the right thing”.

I care for a little hedgehog in our backyard, I feed her lots of cat food so she can grow and get fat. It is such a cute being, and I want to help her to come safely through winter. Because of allergies I can not have a hairy or feathered pet, so I decided to care for wild animals in our backyard, and it is just fun.

Soon there will be new tenants in the studio house where I live, soon  my studio will be ready, soon I can produce and make experiments and work through all the ideas stored in the drawer. After all this work at home me and my love will travel more, enjoy new places, experience nature, visit art exhibitions.

Soon Saturn will follow into Sagittarius, chasing my Moon.

To create means a little spark – and lots of work.

Now is time for sparks.




  1. Hi E P, I enjoyed reading this post – one doesn’t often see people writing about the impact of the prog Moon changing signs. I have a pretty striking recent example myself! Prog Moon and IC shifted into Aquarius in August 2014: just as I was setting up a Refresher astrology class in my home, with a small group of former students who had studied with me at various times between the 1980s and the start of my long sabbatical in 2001. So – I returned to astrology teaching after a long gap when prog Moon shifted into Aquarius. I hadn’t planned this, by the way, it happened
    ( apparently )after a chance meeting with a couple of my former students who asked me if I would do a class..and we are all loving it!


    1. What a lovely example for the validity of progressions! – Since I found out about the significant parallel between the breakup and progressed Moon into Scorpio, I decided to have a closer look into progressions and especially the Moon. I find it very valid. When Saturn will follow soon into Sagittarius, I guess some changes will happen, as my 12th house is so crowded… I will report, then :)


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