Dark zone – A stellium in Scorpio

Today are Sun, Saturn, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio. Venus escaped already into Sagittarius, lighting up this high density zone a bit.

It is a time for digging deep, bringing the last remains of taboos and secrets to the surface before Saturn leaves the dark zone the 24.12.2014 for the higher realms of Sagittarius, setting free our painfully achieved insights.

In Germany the second part of a award-winning tv documentary series on sex education  started the last Sunday: “Make more love”, by the sexologist Ann-Marlene Henning. Her and Tina-Bremer Olszewski´s first book “Make love” is a relaxed book for young people where grown-ups can learn a lot from too. You find the English version as “Sex & Lovers: A Practical Guide”. Her new book is more focused on the changing sexuality in the second half of life.

I find the documentary very authentic – and it helps to bring personal stuff “on the table”. To talk honestly about needs, emotions, fears and dreams brings a true intimacy forward.

When I visited friends last weekend I have not met for a long time, we had open talks about the changes in our life since, including intimate topics. We all have changed so much, we are all closer to our true self.

This is the gift of Saturn in Scorpio: deep, uncomfortable, true, honest, directly in our soft spot.

We can decide to harden against the pain – or we can embrace the change.

We can decide for transformation.

Get naked.

To grow into our true self.

Moving from pain to freedom.




  1. I love the way you expressed that last part – I FEEL it!


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