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Sorting Data – Saturn transiting natal Mercury

Three days ago Saturn was exactly transiting my natal Mercury at 29°10 Scorpio the first time, the next dates are the 29.06. (retrograde) and 04.09. (direct) in 2015. The week was strange: it felt a bit like a retrograde Mercury. I am expecting a parcel since 4.12., it should have been at the post office, […]

Io Saturnalia!

We are in the middle of the Saturnalia, an ancient festivity that was celebrated the 17th of December. (Later they celebrated it 19. 12. until the 23.12. to embed both the old and the new date – after the Julian calendar reform, which added ten days to the year.) In the temple of Saturn in Rome […]

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Growing – Saturn in Sagittarius 1985 – 1988

Circles and spirals – our experiences, our growth happen in dynamic cycles. This is what I love about astrology: to help to understand our unique development. I wrote already about  my years under Saturn in Scorpio, now I continue with Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn entered Sagittarius 18.11.1985 and left into Capricorn 12.11.1988. Born in the […]

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