Growing – Saturn in Sagittarius 1985 – 1988

Circles and spirals – our experiences, our growth happen in dynamic cycles. This is what I love about astrology: to help to understand our unique development.

I wrote already about  my years under Saturn in Scorpio, now I continue with Saturn in Sagittarius.

Saturn entered Sagittarius 18.11.1985 and left into Capricorn 12.11.1988.

Born in the second decan of Sagittarius 1973, I was 11 when he entered and 13 when he left the sign where I have my Neptune at 7°, my Sun at 16°, my AC at 20° and my North Node at 28°.

It is sad that I did not write a diary then, it is difficult to remember what and when happened in this time, so the following points are not necessarily in order.

I had my first period.

I had my first little crushes.

I broke my arm.

I got “real” watercolors.

My beloved grandmother died.

I had my first kiss.

I began to love black.

My parents paid for a drawing course, and the teacher urged me to continue.

I decided I would become an artist.

I had a friend who was three years older, which is a huge gap in this age, and we did lots of strange stuff. I loved being with her.

I loved Surrealism, all this dreams and psychoanalysis and freedom of expression.

I read Sigmund Freud.

I bought my first book about astrology, and was very sad that I was not able to draw my chart. (I later learned it the classic way without a computer program when I was sixteen or so.)

I loved the classical antique myths, all these Greek and Roman gods and goddesses.


So an important point on my list seems to me my growing interest in art, psychology and mythology. The death of my Grandmother was awful, I felt lost without her. And my body began to change from girl to woman.

So I get slowly an idea what I could use the coming Saturn transit for, and I guess I am on the right path with my move into the new art studio and the training in therapy techniques.

A time to learn, a time to create, a time to find out what rings true for me.




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  1. Yes indeed – I am currently evaluating Saturn’s transit over my IC and imminent entry into Sag, and reflecting back to the last time. Perhaps your post will inspire me to write something about this link-back on my blog shortly…thanks!


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