Sorting Data – Saturn transiting natal Mercury

Three days ago Saturn was exactly transiting my natal Mercury at 29°10 Scorpio the first time, the next dates are the 29.06. (retrograde) and 04.09. (direct) in 2015.

The week was strange: it felt a bit like a retrograde Mercury. I am expecting a parcel since 4.12., it should have been at the post office, but there they said it was not. Mysteriously they sent it back to sender, because they stored it too long. I was at the post office twice, without avail. The sender will mail it to me again, as soon it is back to them.

Then another parcel should arrive at my place on Tuesday (the day of the exact transit). The delivery man did not find my place. He did not succeed two days later. (I got all my mail and all parcels till now.) At that point I got slightly annoyed. (I am very polite, but adamant, too.) The sender will send it again. I guess both parcels will arrive tomorrow, and I will send one back.

I sent lots of mail yesterday by myself. Hopefully it works in this direction.

And I got started sorting through my several mail accounts. I use different mail addresses, and it is confusing me. I like to centralize them.

As soon I get the one specific parcel with a nice little portable hard disk , I will search through my own backups and look for photos me and my love made on our holidays, and put them on it as a gift. He does not own such a device and is a little lazy with backups, and I know he will be pleased, especially about our collected pictures. (He does not read here, so it is safe to tell…)

It looks for now like this Saturn transit asks me to clear out my data and communication structures.

It looks like I need some patience for this task and its setbacks.

Updates about this transit will follow when necessary.

(May the wing sandals of the Divine Messenger not be restrained too much…)







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