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Wild Woods – A recipe for Aura Cleansing Shower Salt

Yesterday I had at work contact with nearly forty customers, I felt exhausted and drained when I came home and enjoyed a quick shower with a self-made aura cleansing salt, then I felt better. Maybe it was the Mars Neptune conjunction in Pisces yesterday – Neptune is closing into a square to my natal Neptune […]

“Retrograde Beliefs” in NYTimes

Another reading recommendation: You find the article “Retrograde Beliefs” about the Mercury Retrograde, written by Kristen Dombek, NYTimes 11.01.2015, HERE.  

The Light


Fear – Saturn transiting Sagittarius

Saturn moved into Sagittarius 23.12.2014, so by now we can get an idea what he is going for. In the mundane the terror attack in Paris sticks out for sure, and yesterday, when Mars in Pisces was (and is still) squaring Saturn in Sagittarius, Switzerland surprised the financial world by removing the cap of Sfr1.20 […]