Fear – Saturn transiting Sagittarius

Saturn moved into Sagittarius 23.12.2014, so by now we can get an idea what he is going for. In the mundane the terror attack in Paris sticks out for sure, and yesterday, when Mars in Pisces was (and is still) squaring Saturn in Sagittarius, Switzerland surprised the financial world by removing the cap of Sfr1.20 per euro to stop the currency’s appreciation.

On a private level Saturn passed my natal Mercury at 29° Scorpio and is moving towards my natal Neptune at 7° Sagittarius. Depending on house system, both could be placed in 12th house, or Mercury could be still in 11th house. For now it feels like he already arrived in my 12th house.

For more than a week I feel anxious, sometimes almost panic, without an outer reason.

I am busy in my art studio and putting everything into place. My love builds me a fantastic high rack, where I can store my lots of stuff. I have far too much clutter, and I began to sort out. It is a huge task, and I need to do it step by step. It exhausts me emotionally, and I need regular breaks to gather my energy to continue. When I remember the last time I felt similar, my emotions were connected with letting old stuff go (both material and emotional), too. I felt scared then, too. Yesterday the anxiety was particularly intense. I remember I felt it as a child and very young woman all the time, maybe especially in the period when Saturn transited my 12th house the first time.

After joining my regular Yoga class and enjoying afterwards an aura-cleaning shower with salt crystals, burning some lavender incense and cutting energetic cords to my aura I felt better.

The last weeks I made backups from all my different mail accounts and began to delete whole accounts and memberships in networks I do not use anymore. It feels like all these accounts are my collected subconscious, all these messages and contacts and lost friends and forgotten dialogues. The anxiety began in this time of sorting through my data.

The transiting Saturn sextiles my 2nd house which is ruled by Saturn himself.

I guess I will feel better when I get rid of all the stuff I do not longer need, materially and emotionally.

The process of letting go will cause much more fear in me.

The fear is about being wrong, acting wrong, thinking wrong, being a mistake.

The fear will go, too.

Every emotion, every fear will fade away.

Because this is what emotions do:

They change.




  1. Reblogged this on Astrology: Questions and Answers and commented:
    Emerging Pattern writes eloquent, thoughtful posts which truly put flesh on the bones of astrological symbolism. Here, she writes about the changes in her life wrought by the recent shift of Saturn into Sagittarius. Saturn has recently crossed my 29 Scorpio IC ( EP and I share an IC/Mercury link! ) – beginning a long transit through my 4th House: I am busy re-structuring my working life by moving my astrology, counselling and teaching practice into a lovely new office, right next to a favourite local park. So – I’ve been too busy these first weeks of 2015 to post on this blog. I am more than happy to share a fellow astrology blogger’s insights in the meantime. Enjoy this post – and have a trawl round some of the other perceptive astrology posts on Emerging Pattern’s blog. I’ll be back soon!


  2. eremophila · · Reply

    I’m also sensitive to energy patterns, and yesterday evening the fear slid in, and had me examining things – glad to find this explanation! For the past month I’ve been sorting through my household stuff and letting go of much, in preparation for changes – yet to be finalised. It has felt good though as each bag leaves the house, or as papers get burned.
    Thanks to Anne for the reblog. :-)


    1. I think it is a good strategy for Saturn transits to work proactive – it is like having a bit of a choice in the outcome of energy shifts. Thanks for your feedback!


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