Monthly Archives: February 2015

Wrong Number – An Aries Stellium transiting 3rd house

Mars, Venus, South Node and Uranus are forming a stellium in Aries these days, and Pluto is closing in to complete the last Uranus Pluto square from seven. So the time quality feels impulsive, raw and exciting to me. They all move through my 3rd house now, with a natal Chiron on 16°, IC 24° […]


Good Lovers Lie – An Article about Love and Lies in NYTimes

Today is Valentine´s Day – and I came across that fantastic article “Good Lovers Lie“, written by Clancy Martin in NYTimes 07.02.2015. This sweet day, so sweet that my teeth hurt, filled with all this exclamations about true and romantic love, asks more about what we expect of love than what love truly is. I […]

Different this time – Chiron squaring natal Sun

Chiron at 16° Aries in 3rd house trines my natal Sun at 16° Sagittarius in 12th house and my AC at 20° Sagittarius: This is, even as a trine, not the most fun part in my chart. Over the years I see the positive potential in it, but in my youth it was simply awful. […]