Wrong Number – An Aries Stellium transiting 3rd house

Mars, Venus, South Node and Uranus are forming a stellium in Aries these days, and Pluto is closing in to complete the last Uranus Pluto square from seven. So the time quality feels impulsive, raw and exciting to me.

They all move through my 3rd house now, with a natal Chiron on 16°, IC 24° and natal Mars on 26° Aries.

Since last Friday, the exact day Mars moved into Aries, I am in contact with advertisement departments of newspapers of all over the country. A woman called me early in the morning and asked me if I had ordered an advert in her newspaper for a car. I negated that, and she told me that my mobile number, added an extra digit, was included into an advert for a high-class car, offered for a third of the estimated price. She said, I should not worry, she would delete it, and adverts like this are a nuisance: ordered online, wrong bank accounts, wrong contact numbers, and an email address where you supposedly have to transfer cash in advance without receiving any value.

Ok, I thought, everything is fine.

But it was not.

Over the following days I got lots of calls, and I called back some landline numbers. Most of them were advertisement departments, too, but many were bargain hunter with an incredible amount of greed in their voices. I asked them in which paper they read the advertisement, called the newspapers and asked them to delete it.

Around a dozen newspapers called me, and I called nearly twenty by myself. Tuesday I had 150 calls, Wednesday 250, yesterday 200, and today it is slowing down a bit, until now I had “only” 80 calls. Since three days I activated my voice mail and explained the situation: No, you can not buy a car from me, somebody put the advert in papers all over the country using my mobile number, and yes, offers too nice to be true simply are not true in most cases, and this is true for sure for this ad.

By now I should have reached most of the newspapers (but who knows if there are others where it slipped through for the Saturday issue…).

I guess somebody googled the mobile number and found it was not valid and good for use – but he did not realize that the call is rerouted to me, because the system thinks the extra digit ist wrong. Whatever: my voicemail will hopefully ruin the result they hoped for.

Yes, Saturn moves through my 12th house, but I could not think to have a such an ambitious enemy who puts 20+ adverts in newspapers, carefully spread all over the country, including the wrong number twist, but without my personal mail address.

I think it is a wonderful illustration of an intensive 3rd house transit.

(And I truly hope that the stellium brings some good and constructive consequences, too…)











  1. Oh my! The stuff of nightmares….you sound as though you dealt with it with remarkable calmness. Uranus truly is unpredictable!


  2. I made a decision to not waste energy by being annoyed more than absolutely necessary, just to deal with it. But I could do with some positive surprises now…


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