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Parallel Process

Repost from 04.12.2012 – still love it!

Change – The final Uranus Pluto square

The world is changing, and we change, too. Since June 2012 we had six Uranus Pluto squares between 6° and 13° Aries Capricorn, and in two days, the 16.03.2015, we will have the last one at 15° Aries / Capricorn. There are many astro sources which describe the challenges of the process in detail, so […]

Intensity – Mars and Uranus in Aries

What a fiery time quality: Jupiter in Leo, Saturn and Moon in Sagittarius, and Mars, Uranus, Venus and South Node in Aries. Uranus and Mars are now conjuncting my natal Chiron and trining my natal Sun and AC. Venus sits now exactly on my natal IC and Mars, and Jupiter trines my Sun. Moon is […]