Intensity – Mars and Uranus in Aries

What a fiery time quality: Jupiter in Leo, Saturn and Moon in Sagittarius, and Mars, Uranus, Venus and South Node in Aries.

Uranus and Mars are now conjuncting my natal Chiron and trining my natal Sun and AC. Venus sits now exactly on my natal IC and Mars, and Jupiter trines my Sun. Moon is crossing exactly over my AC while I write this.

It looks for now that I get some positive vibe from all this fire. The week was busy: we got a new boss at work, and he will change a few things. I made a personal strategy how to deal with that, and I guess I will adapt well. And hopefully things will change for the better. It is a lot of energy around, but it feels fine. My natal Mars Uranus opposition appreciates the mundane Mars Uranus conjunction, and some Venusian energy flowing around the IC feels very nice. Jupiter trining my Sun feels like a promise to come true in the near future.

We began to work a bit in the garden, the sun is shining, it is still chilly, but we had yesterday the first coffee in the sun and watched a couple of blue tits moving in the nest box in our Japanese cherry tree – so funny!

I am in the middle of applying for several art exhibitions. Two participations for this year are already on the list, but maybe there will be a few more. Jupiter is retrograde for now, and when he is going forward from 09.04.2015, he will trine my natal Sun end of May and my AC end of June, so I want to use all this potential of expansion by my chart ruler the best thinkable way and make myself ready to give him as much opportunities as possible to manifest himself in all his generosity.

Spring is here!


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