Change – The final Uranus Pluto square

The world is changing, and we change, too.

Since June 2012 we had six Uranus Pluto squares between 6° and 13° Aries Capricorn, and in two days, the 16.03.2015, we will have the last one at 15° Aries / Capricorn.

There are many astro sources which describe the challenges of the process in detail, so I do not write about it, too. I would like to recommend this text as a basic reading, so far you want to know more.

In Wild Ride – an Uranus square Pluto experience I wrote: “Where the collective transformational process meets the personal life situation, change begins. Is the transformation we experience in our life  a subjective matter? In which degree we change because just of outer circumstances? Where is the fine line between the inner and the outer? Many of us experience major changes, induced by the Uranus square Pluto. This constellation is universal with impact on all of us, but the outcome is individually.”

When the first square was active, I had split up from a very intensive relationship a few weeks ago, his Uranus Pluto conjunction square his Venus which is conjunct my Sun and AC in synastry. It was the last intimate relationship I had with partners born between 1965 and 1967. Their Uranus Pluto conjunction put massive pressure on my Sun / AC, trining my natal Moon in Taurus, which made it even more difficult to break free: Oh, the depth!

Since late spring 2012 I changed my life circumstances on many levels: the breakup was making space for a new and deep love, much more freedom in here and focused more on healthy exchange, then I moved into a new place with my love, making space for my art profession again, and finally I passed a psychology exam and got a training in systemic psychotherapy.

I feel there will be more and bigger changes in my life the next years.

The energy of the Uranus Pluto square feels overwhelming these days. Uranus is conjunct my natal Chiron and trine my natal Sun: there is a lot of tension, and it is hard to relax. I am alert all the time, and tired, so tired. I try to have little breaks and relax. Yoga and Pilates helps me a lot to focus on my body and get rid of some tension. The next weeks will be very busy, but I want to use this Uranus transit to get all this stuff done and to invite helpful impulses and surprises into my life.

Deep down I know in my cells that it is safe to trust the impulse of change, that the universe, or the gods or whatever you call it, cares of me and that the change will be for the better.

So many good things to come.

I just have to open up.




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