Monthly Archives: April 2015

Happy Beltane!

To all of you – a Happy Beltane! I wish you ecstasy, beauty, sensuality and the glorious knowledge how it is to be alive in the middle of Taurus. Dig your hands into the earth, forget about your manicure, just enjoy and feel and be. Flowers everywhere, the birds are mating in our backyard, the […]

Inspiration – More Uranian Impulse

Uranus passed my natal Chiron which trines my natal Sun in 12th house, which feels better now than the period when it was exact: I am a bit more relaxed. Jupiter as the ruler of my chart is going direct again and moving into a trine with my Sun and AC. A lot of good […]

Still Pale

Release – Transits over natal Chiron

Wow, I did not write a single post in four weeks here! It never happened before. I felt exhausted, very busy and enjoyed a two weeks Easter vacation. Now I am back to normal, busy, but not so tired like end of March. There are a lot of transits going on for me, but in […]