Inspiration – More Uranian Impulse

Uranus passed my natal Chiron which trines my natal Sun in 12th house, which feels better now than the period when it was exact: I am a bit more relaxed. Jupiter as the ruler of my chart is going direct again and moving into a trine with my Sun and AC.

A lot of good and helpful little incidents happened the last week. Our Japanese cherry tree is blossoming  like mad. I enjoyed some hours planting and sowing and ruined my nails, but who cares! It feels so good! Our little hedgehog  arose from hibernation a few days ago, she only lost 100 g over the winter and weighs now 700 g. She gets wet cat food with some oat meal, and she managed to eat incredible 200 g per night. I removed a large tick and gave her a baby oil treatment, because she has dry skin, maybe because of mite. She shows a lot of trust towards me and only hisses a bit when something is unfamiliar to her, and I like the little prickly girl very much.

I will take part in an exhibition in early July, and I have to develop a whole new piece of art for it. I have several ideas, the basic one is nice, but does not work, and a few days ago I got an idea, it hit like a bolt. It is even better than the original one, much more complex, and I am testing and trying and ordering material and learning a lot about a whole new subject. I have to hurry up, it will all need some time to realize it and to do all the tests. In case I get it done, it will be absolutely fascinating. (For “just in case” I will prepare a Plan B, of course, my natal Saturn square Pluto likes the safe side!) Wish me luck and success – it is so much fun to develop such a crazy, geeky Uranian art experiment!


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