Deep down – Transits through 12th house

It seems difficult to me these days to communicate more than absolutely necessary – this mirrors itself in the strong transits through my 12th house. The progressive Moon is exact conjunct my natal Neptune in Sagittarius in 12th house, the progressive MC only two degrees apart and closing in… Saturn is moving backwards towards my 29 ° Mercury in Scorpio, in 12th house, too.

The mundane opposition between Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars in Gemini 15.05. hit me hard with a strained ankle, the right one, which was hurt around one year ago and seems still a bit weak. It is not so bad like last time, but it slows me down. I planned a climbing weekend in nature after weeks of hard work, and now I had to stay home. My love went with a friend. Somehow it feels ok. I slept hours and hours and read a lot, talked with nobody, and did no work at all, and my batteries feel more charged now.

So please excuse me when I do not post as much as I normally do – I think a lot about cycles and astrology, but writing about it takes more time than usual. And sometimes I do not like to share too much.

Greetings to you all in this fabulous spring from my little 12th house bubble!

(The Blue Tits have lots of work now: the little ones hatched maybe two days ago, and now the parents fly and fly and fly to bring them enough food… I so look forward to watch the babies when they leave their nest.)


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  1. Yes, well, I am feeling very 12th House bubble-ish myself these days! I need to stare out the window clutching a cup of tea for a few hours a day so have given myself a ‘retreat Friday’ for the next while. Just lie low when you need to…Anne


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