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The Double Star – Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo

It is an astronomical and astrological highlight: the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter 01.07.2015 at 21° Leo 7:51 UT, even more, because Venus will soon go retrograde and meet  Jupiter again the 26.10.2015. You find some stuff here at IFLScience! and some here at National Geographic. Do not forget: we will have a fantastic Full […]

Your Stage

Spin around – Mercury and Neptune stationery

Oh, what a weird time! Mercury went direct 11.06.15, and will leave his shadow 27.06., so we have some time to sort out the confusing debris of his retrograde. Neptune went retrograde exact this day. I spent the Thursday working: continuing with production for the next exhibition, refurbishing, and sorting out papers, and even made […]

Four Places

With Hood

Right Place – IC and fourth house

There was a summer party last weekend at our studio house, we all seven artists invited friends and colleagues. We had a barbecue in the backyard and a dance floor and bar in the large basement. I have had just a few responses and thought about how my way of “having friends” has changed over […]

No Horn