Right Place – IC and fourth house

There was a summer party last weekend at our studio house, we all seven artists invited friends and colleagues. We had a barbecue in the backyard and a dance floor and bar in the large basement. I have had just a few responses and thought about how my way of “having friends” has changed over the years. For nearly twenty years I had a “family”, very close friends with a similar spiritual background. It ended 2010 with a big bang for several reasons. It was good that it came to an end for several reasons. But we had a good time for years, too. The best and most ecstatic parties I had with them.

As I danced there, in the party space of the studio house, my new home, I received a strange kind of healing. I knew that I have had the most ecstatic parties of my life already, years ago, and it was ok. I contain them, they are part of me and my experience, and will be never lost. I felt whole. The last tiny parts of guilt and regret – I could let them go.

It is past, it is gone.

Now is my presence.

And in the presence I am at the perfectly right place, said my inner voice which is the voice of The Goddess.

Chiron is transiting my natal Moon by sextile. This is comfort.

But maybe it is more: I think a lot about house systems, Placidus against Equal.

When I moved out and split up with my longtime partner in 2009, Uranus went into third house by Placidus and into 4th house by Equal signs.

Yes, I met a lot of people and learned a lot about communication, but since then I moved again, and now Uranus is coming close to my IC which means the beginning of the 4th house in Placidus, but the beginning of my 5th house in Equal houses.

I feel that Equal houses seem to make more sense to me in these matters. Of course it could be that when Uranus moves over 24° Aries, I get an urge to change my place or renovate even more, but somehow I think that the worst is over. I would like to use the Uranian energy more for creativity and 5th house matters, like I can do now, with my large studio and lots of ideas.

Enough changes at home in these six years.

Making roots is hard work.

But it is easy – at the right place.



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