Spin around – Mercury and Neptune stationery

Oh, what a weird time! Mercury went direct 11.06.15, and will leave his shadow 27.06., so we have some time to sort out the confusing debris of his retrograde. Neptune went retrograde exact this day.

I spent the Thursday working: continuing with production for the next exhibition, refurbishing, and sorting out papers, and even made the design for a new business card. Somehow I managed in this Mercury retrograde to clean out three big boxes of folders, full of old stuff nearly twenty years old. Now it is a bit more than half a box, and I already shredded all sensitive data. What a relieve! I need space.

Mercury will pass the next days an opposition to my natal Neptune, and the transiting Neptune will trigger my natal Neptune, too: he moves back into a square.

To produce fresh art pieces is the best thing now for me. I feel content, it is fun, the results are promising. Now I plan the presentation and will have a look into the exhibition space tomorrow and get the last information I need to finish my work. To write the concept is very confusing: so many layers – but when the Neptunian Mercurian fog dissolves, I will write.

Clearing out.

Letting go.

Getting clear.




  1. Yes, well, here is what happened to me as Mercury stationed in the company of Saturn and Neptune – all stunningly literally apt: http://astrologyquestionsandanswers.com/2015/06/11/mercury-stations-enter-domestic-mayhem

    And YES to Neptunian Mercurian fog – on Friday, after the potentially disastrous events described in the above post, I spent Friday feeling exhausted almost to the point of being ill, uninspired and foggy-headed. Then I read your post in the evening – can you believe, I had omitted to notice that Neptune went retro in the early hours of Friday morning? Thanks for alerting me to this!


    1. Hahaha, more strange parallels: Two days after Mercury went retrograde in January, our house electricity broke down. The main 61 Ampere cable needs replacement, it is damaged, maybe by tree roots. It will be replaced very soon, and I am so very glad that Mercury retrograde is over then!
      The Neptunian Mercurian fog brought me at least a lot of productivity in the arts – I felt somehow disoriented in this stream of ideas and energy, but not in a bad way.

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      1. Yes, not all bad by any means…I’ve been quite productive creatively and imaginatively too…and grateful not to have been blown up…interesting parallel indeed. Glad your replacement op looks set to escape Mercury retro!


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