In the open – Mars transiting Saturn in 7th house

Mars and Sun are both in Cancer now. Around two weeks ago the Sun passed my natal Saturn in Cancer in 7th house, which squares a natal Pluto at 6° Libra. I was working hard for my coming exhibition, so nothing unexpected happened. When Mars crossed it on Saturday two weeks ago and  the transiting Sun additionally squared my natal Pluto, I went to the postoffice to fetch a registered letter. I did not expect something and wondered about.

Soon I found out that my little spare time job, where I take care of a seriously disabled person twice a month, was terminated. Her mother never talked to me about something being wrong, so I was pretty surprised. In the opposite I got positive feedback of her, which must have been false. The first moment after I read the letter I felt a huge relief – I had even thought about resigning myself half a year ago for different reasons But then I was in rage for two days. I do not like this kind of communication: no communication at all. She must have given it into the mail around the 27.06., when Mercury left his shadow, so she must have thought for quite a time about it.

I am still annoyed, but I see that I can only react to more open calls. I am no person for this way of dealing with people: being very familiar and positive and committed on the surface at first, and being not able to communicate clearly about difficulties, not even to try it, and preferring to cut off every connection instead.

So Mars freed me from a Saturn in 7th square Pluto contract, not in a nice way, but I would have spent more time in a basically unproductive situation, which I would have endured in a typically Saturnish Plutoish way, and mistaken falseness for cordiality.

I will enjoy two more free days per months this way for producing art and look for another little job, but with time.




  1. That’s Saturn/Pluto all over. Always tough and painful, but usually true teachings if you can bear to look at what is being said straight in the eye ….says my exact Saturn/PLuto conjunction…


    1. Yes, true and painful. But only painful when I try to avoid the lecture. .. I should have listened to my inner voice, but no, this deadly seriousness about 7th house contracts – better dying then leaving. – With this conjunction you have collected some experiences, I guess. Found the key yet? I would be happy to hear about it!

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      1. It is a very long story! But if I were to sum it up I guess: work very hard to face up especially to the shadow sides of of one’s own nature – usually presented via the difficulties one runs into with other people! – and try over time increasingly to do this without self-punishment but with increasing self-acceptance. This brings a certain amount of freedom to exercise restraint over the harsher facets of the combination and to draw on its best aspects, ie the ability to persevere, even in the face of enormous odds, the ability to honour commitments made, however difficult and testing, the ability to apply forensic analysis(I have a Mercury/Saturn/Pluto combo) eg in astrological research of which I am very fond. And – avoid taking the easy way out in situations where you just want to walk in the opposite direction, but know it would be the wrong thing to do. Also – lighten up! I have my Sa/Pl squared by a Third House Jupiter, so have quite a gallows sense of humour at times but also a well-developed ability to laugh at my own stupidities. Furthermore, I find that trying to be forensically honest with myself (especially regarding my own motives at times) whilst realising that other people mostly cannot or do not wish to have that level of honesty applied to them and knowing when just to back off and shut up, is a useful life skill to cultivate and practise.

        There – I didn’t intend to warble on so much! I do hope some of it at least is of some use…..


    1. Just read your fantastic answer, I am rarelyonline these days. Will write back soon! :)

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      1. Many thanks for this affirming comment, EP! Look forward to hearing from you. Anne


      2. I did not forget you: still no proper internet, and writing from auf smartphone is no fun… Greetings from the wild valleys of North Italian /Swiss Alps!

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