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Deep thinking – Saturn transiting natal Mercury

Just in a few days in the future Saturn will transit my natal Mercury at 29° Scorpio in 12th house the third time. It is a strange time since Saturn is travelling though my 12th house. I know it means that I have to declutter my hidden self, and I read it could influence my […]

“A Responsible Approach to Client´s Tough Transit”

Here is a fantastic article from Donna Cunningham at about how to deal with astro clients – how to create a constructive atmosphere and avoid mistakes, not only in tough times. Pragmatic, respectful and very, very useful! Read and enjoy! New Download: “A Responsible Approach to Clients’ Tough Transits”.


A repost of one of the first images here on Emerging Pattern… I still like it very much.

Three years Emerging Pattern!

As I began writing here on Emerging Pattern, I would have never thought that I would continue three years later. I only wrote to mirror myself. But by writing, by reading, the mirror becomes the world. Thank you, dear reader, to bring my words into existence. Thank you all!

Blank paper – A New Moon in Leo conjunct retrograde Venus

Today´s New Moon occurs at 14:35 UT at 21° Leo conjunct retrograde Venus at 23° Leo – a time for new beginnings concerning creativity, values, transformation and self-worth. Who creates what we are? What defines our value? What image of ourselves do we entertain? Maybe it is time to put a blank sheet of paper […]



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