Deep thinking – Saturn transiting natal Mercury

Just in a few days in the future Saturn will transit my natal Mercury at 29° Scorpio in 12th house the third time. It is a strange time since Saturn is travelling though my 12th house. I know it means that I have to declutter my hidden self, and I read it could influence my health.

My allergies were heavy this summer, and I feel tired since last winter. I have a vitamin D insufficiency, and I substitute, but still – I feel tired, no matter how much I sleep. My doctor ordered some blood work, she said I should take much more vitamin D, and we will see what the result will be. My strained foot is still hurting a bit after three months, so I will have my first MRI scan ever next week. Hopefully he can treat the foot conservatively…

Many little and not so little things, I need much patience to wait for appointments and results and appointments.

When my love was away for ten days, I only went to work, read and – uncluttered my space. There is still far too much stuff. I scanned papers from twenty years ago, just for history´s sake, and discarded them afterwards. Shoes. Old Shoes – go! The space looks a bit aired out, but not enough yet, I have to do the clothes archive still! But I guess the retrograde Venus gave her energy into this, too. I re-found beautiful things among clutter. And I will keep what I value. Which stuff do I really love?

This transit of Saturn over Mercury means a lot thinking about archiving my personal history. To sort data and letters and things, to say thanks, to let go.

Thinking does not mean necessarily writing. I find it difficult to write fluently here on Emerging Pattern and on other places. The words seem to be heavy and reluctant to move.

There is an important story, no, even, two stories, but they are too personal, too hurtful (for myself, but others, too) to share them here.

I will write them in private.

Getting clear.

Making space.

Letting go.


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