Into Beauty – Venus going direct

When Venus went direct 06.09.2015 at 14° Leo, I was not sad. The days before, when she already slowed down, I felt a strange form of pressure, sorting through my archive of stuff, old clothing and so on. I am sorting through many things now, decluttering my space. I read about the “Konmari” method of Marie Kondo, which (among other aspects) is about asking every single item if it “sparks joy” inside of me, and to thank all the items who do not spark joy for their services before giving them away. I am still not perfect in this, maybe I will sort out more when I go through my stuff next time.

It feels good to make decisions this way.

To keep the beauty and joy, to give away the non-resonance.

I found some beautiful items I missed; such as a red wool shirt which shrank a bit washed in too warm water. I could save it by washing it again, in cold water this time, and expanding the fibres. It fits perfect, a stunning Venus in Leo piece.

The kitchen cupboard of my grand-grandmother, which my mother worked on endless hours to remove the paint, is at my place again, and I began to wax it with lime wax. The wood has darkened, and the white wax layer is so charming: you can see the wood structures and all the traces of time. The cupboard will beautify my place, after around thirty years since my mother worked on it: I remember the smell of the stuff she used on it, and I was a child at this time.

We opened the first studio house exhibition two weeks ago, and we got lots of resonance: for the first group project we worked productively together, the works were aesthetically presented, and the combination interesting. I made a little opening speech, and the words came easy. I should talk or write about art more often, it is fun. The last weekend was special: many art studios opened, and I enjoyed a lot of art talks.

Now I have to give so much stuff away as long Venus is still in her shadow until 09.10.2015 – it will create a vacuum of beautiful space, an invitation to art and love and creativity.

Giving away – and getting back joy and value, by heart.


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