False Accusations – Lunar Eclipse conjunct natal Pluto

Ah, ja, eclipses… basically I belong to the kind of astrologers which are positive  and try to see the constructive potential of a transit, but the last month´s Blood Moon Eclipse simply pulled the rug out under me.

The Lunar Eclipse occurred the 28.09.2015 at 4° Aries / Libra, with my natal Pluto at 6° Libra (ninth house by Placidus, 10th by equal houses) squaring natal Saturn 2° Cancer (seventh house).

Additional we had a retrograde Mercury squaring Pluto 24.09. and conjunct Sun 30.09. – pretty close to the eclipse degree.

Sounds nasty, yes? It was.

Friday, the 25th I got a letter from the local police department to show up for an appointment ten days later because I should have committed fraud or rather concealment at work in January. I was totally shocked and could neither reach the police or my superior over the weekend. You can imagine that my Eclipse weekend was not especially relaxed and peaceful. I called my superiors early Monday morning and learned that it was about a former customer with financial problems. Both my direct superior and the staff officer tried to calm me and said that the police sounded not too serious about it, and I should simply go to the appointment and talk with them.

I did, and it was ok. It was about a customer which claimed that she paid for a service in cash in January, and that I received the money, which is simply not true. This kind of service is never paid in cash, because my company only bills it when the service is technically put into effect, which can take up to a few weeks. I had to explain the context, and he believed me, he even told me that he taught the woman (and her boyfriend, who testified) that she should think thoroughly about her accusation, because false accusation and pretending a claim is a criminal act which will be persecuted. I told my superiors and the law department, and they will of course support the inquiry. The colleague which I worked with the day of the incident (which is accidentally the guy I had tough conflicts with, you find the post here) has to make a statement at the police – I am sure he will hate it! As soon the file is completed, I will file charges for false accusation etc. against the customer. Next Monday my coworker will come back from vacation, I will tell him about the situation and write a short mail to my team that everybody has the same information to reduce ugly gossip.

But the story has not ended yet, there is another. Last Friday I got another letter from a different local police department: An appointment because of accusation of fraud, again – the dates fitted perfect to the time frame when some scammer abused my mobile nummer – the story has a posting, too: “Wrong Number – An Aries Stellium transiting 3rd house“) This time I exploded. I am so sick of having the load of nasty and criminal acts on my back! I collected the mails I exchanged with several press organisations about the case: they send warn mails about the newest cases to editorial departments, and my case appeared there twice in this time in the country. I brought the copies to the police department at Saturday morning: I can clarify this easier than the former situation, but it is nevertheless nasty. Again they calmed me and said it happened all the time, and I should relax.

There is another interesting astrological aspect: My first Neptune square Neptune took place end of January, and the second one I had a few days ago: the 07.10.2015. I guess the mundane Neptune square Saturn at 26.11.2015 will clear up these foggy stories – I hope so! Very strange, this transit, I thought it will be about art, but it is about fraud, and I have to clear false accusations.

Yes, this is Neptune, too.

Looking forward to truth, leaving the fog behind.

In this case I truly prefer Saturn!






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