Resources – Venus out of her Shadow

Yes, some time already passed since Venus left her shadow and completed her retrograde period the 09.10.2015.

When I look back, the whole cycle was for me about resources, the material, the personal and the spiritual ones.

My natal Venus sits in 0° Aquarius in my second house and went around my 26th year on earth retrograde by progression, so it seems to me that this cycle (Venus retrograde in itself) feels natural and constructive to me, and of course the “value” factor is highlighted by her natal house position. Saturn sextiled her shortly ago while crossing my natal 29° Mercury in Scorpio, so he added some structure to the process.

It feels good now to have uncluttered so much stuff (see the post “Into beauty” about it), and to have found so much of personal value in my hidden boxes. The cupboard of my grand-grandmother lives in my space now and seems to very happy about it. Slowly, piece for piece, I sell some of my old books online and earn a bit money with it, and a pile of clothes waits for taking pictures and selling them online, too. I do not want to storage these books and clothes for an unlimited time, but will just try to get a little money out of it. So many things!

And finally I paid off the very last bit of my student loan which I used to study two years abroad and came back with a MA degree, which makes me very happy.

Free of that obligation, I structured my monthly financial plans, enjoying to find out that I do not need much new stuff beyond fresh food.

I have so much already I can use!

All these resources that are already there…

I find out what I need by giving away what I do not need.

I have what I need.


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