Comfort – A Full Moon

A Full Moon at 3° Scorpio / Taurus – so soft, so deep, so comforting, with a trine from Neptune in Pisces, trine my natal Saturn at 2° Cancer, calming it, reflecting my natal Taurus Moon.

The sky was clear last night, and the Moon so white and bright.

My foot still gets physiotherapy, and it is almost healed, so I got yesterday a back massage to give some healing impulses to hip and shoulder which are a bit affected, too – aaaah, all my blocked energy got into flow again!

I found a pair of beautiful earrings in silver, looking like a botanical structure containing seeds: I remember I saw it as a plant in real, and the goldsmith technique is an antique one, I remember to have seen a similar earring in gold, maybe greek, thousands of year old. Sadly I can´t find the image nor remember the botanical name of the plant, but it will re-appear sooner or later.

I had a lovely coffee chat with a fellow artist – so nice!

After planting of many, many bulbs the last week I even set some more shrubs yesterday – the garden will bloom in spring!

My love came back yesterday evening after some time abroad, and I realized in the mirror of his gaze and touch how high my tension runs these days, just too much fear and vigilance.

It felt so good to relax.

And today I enjoyed some really supportive conversations with colleagues which reduced my tension, too.

A Taurus Moon – physical and comforting, planting, caring – and just sooooo good.

Bright this night, again.


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