Ressources – A New Moon in Scorpio

The last weeks were exhausting, I carried lots of fears with me, most of them unrealistic, but haunting me night and day.

Around one year ago my training for systemic therapy methods ended, and the group decides to meet twice a year. I missed the summer weekend because I was busy preparing an exhibition, but the autumn weekend took place in my studio last Friday to Sunday. It felt like meeting the group just a few days before, so close and honest and positive. We had fun and shared laughter and pain.

The group worked with me about my fears by a technique called resource constellation, and it was fantastic. Now I feel myself again as a whole being, my laughter is back, and my strength, too.

The dark and hidden New Moon in Scorpio of last Wednesday, opposing my natal Moon at 21° Taurus: I felt safe and transformed, able to feel and hear the support of my colleagues. The file (about the worst thing happening to me this year, you can read here about it) should be complete soon, and all this nastiness will go back into the responsibility of the person who caused the trouble.

Safe again, a New Moon igniting my 12th house in comforting darkness.

Roni Horn writes in “Another water“: “Darkness reflects the sun. Blackness reflects nothing.”

I give the blackness back.

And embrace the darkness.


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